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🌸spring is feeling especially "rebirthy" this year🌸

The weather is getting warmer, the little buds are poking their heads out, and vaccines are flowing freely. Spring always feels like a breathe of fresh air-especially in the long winters of WI, but this year is even better. With the melting of the grey shitty March snow, also comes the release of Covid pressures.


It feels like we've all been sitting with our shoulders clenched tight to our necks for a year (some of us literally have been) and we're finally getting to release them.  We're definitely not out of the woods yet, but for me, seeing my mom get her vaccine helped relieve such an immense anxiety. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel feels so good. And- I've even gotten invited to a couple pop ups!! 

^an illustration I did for Inktober, "Aggressively Floral"

The thought of doing a pop up event is, to be honest, a little nerve wracking. But, these events aren't for a couple of months, and the projected distribution of vaccine by those dates looks very promising. These are also outdoor events and masks will still be required (I'm so used to it now-I'd feel naked without it!).

And I am SO EXCITED about the prospect of a booth makeover!! During the pansexual, I bought new tablecloths in a very sexy lavender color. I haven't been able to use them yet, but I want to rebrand my booth around that color. Tinkering around and building new display features and backdrops is SO FUN. It's my type of problem solving. 

^My set up from three years ago-growth is good. 

My plan is to take the existing pegboard displays I have, and cut the tops into curved shapes-kind of a 'gravestone' shape🤔 and then jump on a trend from like a year ago (lol) and make a Great Stuff blob frame. 

^These things took the internet by storm last year.

This is essentially what it will look like, I made a very lazy shape mockup to get colors and ideas down: 

I have a ton of painters drop cloth-super cheap raw material for random projects. I intend to make a cute banner out of it-I'll hand paint a peach beast logo on there, sew the edges and put eyelets in the corners. I'll hang it with black plastic crowd control chain (also found online for super cheap). The plastic chain is very trendy looking and on brand in a cyber punk y2k kind of way- and it super versatile for display options! I plan to display my totes on S-hooks on it hanging around the edges of my tent.

Some people find this super boring-but this is like a fun weird janky puzzle-AND I LOVE IT. I love getting creative with materials and repurposing stuff in surprising ways. 

Other than that, I have a new DROP coming soon. It's been in the works for a couple of months now, and I'm real excited about it!

The drop will include:

  • a new enamel pin (spring-themed)
  • two new earring styles, one is celestial and the other has to do with fairies😈
  • a new sticker design
  • a DRESS- the first ever Peach Beast dress
  • a new tee design 

WHEW! That is a big and EXCITING drop if I do say so myself. I will be pushing this on social media and through an email to give everyone a heads up, so keep an eye out! Here's a sneak peak of the dress😉:

I haven't picked a date yet 😬 It will most likely be the first week of April, though. In the mean time-stay safe, get that shot if you're medically able, and love yourself 😘

~*~*~*Peach Beast*~*~*~