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what is even going on 
the news is freaking me out, our leaders have failed us, people are being ignored, the “value” of a human life is being exposed...and it all is ugly ugly ugly 
...that’s how a lot of us have felt these past couple weeks....but for all of the gross scary evil shit, I bet there has been just as much uplifting helpful caring and kind stuff going around. 
among the community of makers that I have made over the past couple of years, I have felt an amazing sense of community. This virus has affected everyone very deeply. It has rattled the foundations of our lives, changed our entire society, and sadly put strain on many financially and mentally. I have seen nothing but positive outreach and support from makers and event organizers. In the face of uncertainty, people have stepped up to help and find a creative way to work around this problem. 

I was invited last week to be part of a community  fundraiser called “come together mke”. Local artists and craftspeople are selling their goods through Instagram with percentages of the profits being donated in a manner of their choosing. Wether that be to a local nonprofit, gift cards for families in need, or support for struggling small businesses. It. Is. Awesome. 

My mom was a social worker for 20 years and worked with homeless teens. She has a lot of knowledge about local mke non profits, so I talked with her about this market and asked her if she knew of an organization that would be in need. She told me about Street Angels, a grassroots organization that helps homeless populations get much needed resources. So I decided to donate 40% of my sales to them!!! 

A fellow artist friend of mine and I were talking about how this abrupt halt of normalcy has really exposed just how many people are self employed, freelancers, doing their own thing. We were talking about how platforms like Instagram have built a world where that is possible. SO many people rely on social media for their livelihood. And we’re all just trying to operate the best way we know how! But I’m sure a lot of people felt uneasy about that, now that shit had hit the fan. 
Right when shit got serious with covid, I felt conflicted. I wanted to keep promoting my business I have worked SO HARD to build over the past two years, but pushing non essentials to an audience that was potentially sick, out of work, struggling with their own battles felt wrong. It felt like I was trying to “business as usual” away from the reality of the situation. And I didn’t want to do that. So when the Come Together opportunity arose I thought-perfect!!  This is a solution that helps not only struggling artists, but the community at large too! What a great feeling to be able to help..
I think this monumental event has really opened peoples eyes to what is important. What is really important. If anything positive comes of this mess, I hope it is an awareness of how lucky we are and how much we really are in this together
okay enough cheese for now...