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Under the name Peach Beast, I have made a conscious effort to donate a portion of my sales to local Milwaukee non profits, The Women's Center, Street Angels MKE, Voces De La Frontera. I am continuing this now with 25% of my sales Leaders Igniting Transformation through the end of June.  Please join me in this if you are able (links below)

If money is not an optional contribution, then I urge you to seek out petitions to sign and share, CALL YOUR LOCAL REPS, VOTE, utilize and share educational resources (listed below) and WORKSHOP YOURSELF. This all starts internally. I found this video from Janaya Future Khan extremely helpful.

We need to not just post on IG about it, not just open our wallets but OPEN OUR MINDS. 


^ Artwork of one of my favorite Milwaukee Artists, LaNia Sproles--see more of her work here

If you are able to, please contribute to these organizations: The African-American Roundtable (AART) is a coalition led by and serving the African-American community in Milwaukee. AART exists to empower and organize our community to transform policies so we can thrive and live at our greatest potential. We collaborate and support our partners and allies to show power, amplify each others’ voices, nurture leadership, promote racial equity and accessibility, and pass policies to radically change the lives of African-Americans in Milwaukee.  “We work to ensure a high quality of life and access to opportunities for members of the Black community in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin.” “We are aligning radical youth of color led organizing, liberation and anti oppression teaching, public policy innovation to create political power that meets the needs of and controlled by young people.” “Our programs offer supported housing services that are individualized to the needs of each young person. We place a particular emphasis on serving LGBTQ+-identified youth, chronically homeless youth, youth with disabilities, youth with mental health challenges and youth aging out of foster care.” “EXPO (EX-Incarcerated People Organizing) works to end mass incarceration, eliminate all forms of structural discrimination against formerly incarcerated people, and restore formerly incarcerated people to full participation in the life of our communities.” In 2012, five Metcalfe Park resident leaders formed the Metcalfe Park Community Action Team (MPCAT) to join with neighborhood and citywide partners in considering how resident engagement could contribute to the improvement of Milwaukee’s Metcalfe Park neighborhood.


Milwaukee Black owned restaurants to support: 

Find your local bail fund here: National Bail Fund Network is made up of over sixty community bail and bond funds across the country. We regularly update this listing of community bail funds that are freeing people by paying bail/bond and are also fighting to abolish the money bail system and pretrial detention.”

Here is a list of companies to boycott that use prison labor: 

Here is a list of books to help you teach your kids about racism: 


Black owned online vintage shops:

A list someone else compiled of anti-racist resources: