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🥺valentines day🥺

Okay, okay...I know...we HATE Valentine's Day. It's a bullshit holiday that has been historically very heteronormative and makes a lot of people feel excluded and lonely. But, it doesn't have to be that!!! 

Everyone has been stressed tf out for like, an entire year, so maybe we owe it to ourselves to take a little break. Slow down. Curl up with a good book and a cup of Celestial Seasoning's Sleepytime tea--you know who the fuck I'm talking about! 
(he brings me to a very happy place😊)

So, yes I had this great idea that we all deserve a little self care, and I wanted to provide a super cute curated box of goodies to do just that. I teamed up with two other Milwaukee creatives who make stuff I don't make. I wanted the box to be well rounded, have a variety of goodies. 

^Look at how sexy it looks all together, though 👀This box launches January 25th at noon CST

The first Milwaukee maker I invited to contribute to the Vday box was Inik Soap Co. I discovered Inik Soap Co. through a local Milwaukee retailer and fell in love with her bright colored creations and really wonderful scents. Below is a picture of her Pineapple Cilantro (!!!) soap. Kristin (the one-woman force behind Inik), was inspired by her fond memories of cooking and crafting with her grandmother to create the company. She also donates a portion of her sales to Alzheimer's Association. 

The items Inik Soap Co. has provided for the Vday collaboration box include an AMAZING scrub called Moon Child Salt Scrub, featuring avocado butter and orchid extract. It's a super cute purple color and smells freaking delicious. 
She also contributed a relaxing Lavender Chamomile bath bomb that is one of the bigger bath bombs I've ever seen! I am so happy she agreed to work with Peach Beast on this really fun V-day box😍 Follow her on IG to see more of her flavorful creations.

The second Milwaukee creative I invited to join in was Other Dust, a psychospiritual consultancy and techno-apothecary. I met Kayle (the artist-witch-warrior behind Otherdust) in art school years ago. She, like me, has found herself to be a multidisciplinary creative, with an ever expanding creative process. Other Dust works with tarot and astrology to consult creatives and critical thinkers. She also creates a variety of prints, zines, earrings, and essences all inspired by ethereal existence and connections with nature/goddess forms. 

Kayle's own definition of Magic-from her IG
Other Dust contributed an essence to the Vday box called Drops of Vesta. 
Essences are energetic potions that use water as their medium. Here is what Kayle has to say about essences:

"The poetry behind essences is that light passes through objects and creates an imprint in the water- using the object almost like a prism...Essences can be used in endless ways. The most straightforward way is to take it internally by dropping a few drops on your tongue or in a beverage. As you drink, the energies of the essence reverberate out into the water that makes up your body. You can also include essences in room sprays, put a few drops on your pillow, rub some on your body, anoint a special object with a few drops, put a drop in your paint for a painting, the list goes on! Wherever and however you want to infuse the energy of the essence into something, you can just use a few drops of an essence to do so."

 Kayle also explains the significance of Vesta, and how this particular essence is relevant to energies of self care and Lupercalia, the Romanic holiday from which Valentine's Day is derived from. (nerds, read on)

"Vesta is the roman goddess of the hearth and home, and was the goddess who represented the priestesses, the “Vestal Virgins”. Contrary to todays cultural connotations of the term “virgin”, the Vestal Virgins were not called virgins based on their sexual status. Vestal Virgins were ultimately dedicated to themselves above all. Their purpose was to tend the hearth of Rome, which meant that they were beholden to no one. You could say the Vestal Virgins were priestesses of self-care, which is why I chose to make this essence in their honor.

The essence as includes garnet gem essence and fig tree essence to call to Lupercalia, the roman holiday Valentines Day ultimately is derived from. Lupercalia traditionally took place February 13th-15th and was a celebration to encourage fertility for the people of Rome and the land itself. As such, blood (and things that represent blood) and milk were common motifs of these celebrations. The fig tree is a symbol of fertility in part because of the milky liquid that comes from its trunk and branches. The red garnet represents the life force and passionate nature of this celebration."

This information will be included with each essence in the self car box-but I also wanted to share it here because I find it super interesting! 

So that is a summary of what will be included in the Valentines self care box and who is behind it! This box will be part of a huge launch on Monday, January 25th at noon CST. I have a bunch of other stuff dropping, too! New earrings, scarves (yes, they're super cute), and bandanas! Go ahead and follow my IG for updates!❤️
Follow Inik Soap Co + Other Dust on instagram to keep up with them! 

oOh yeah...I also made this super weird decent ASMR video showing all the items in the box...go ahead and watch it for some tingles..