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superstitious patch
superstitious patch

superstitious patch

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throw salt over your shoulder if you spill it, don’t walk under ladders, don’t open the umbrella inside, don’t split the pole when you’re walking with someone and NEVER put your purse on the floor! what weird things do you believe????? 

iron on patch-iron through backside of garment or through thin sheet, never directly on patch❤️

🎀iron patches onto cotton or denim—basically only fabrics that are iron safe
for other fabrics-you will need to stitch the old fashioned way!

🦄iron-on patches are not meant to be machine washable. 

Spot and hand washing is recommended only. If you must-wash inside out cold delicate and hang dry

I always recommend stitching the edges of an iron on patch for durability🐣
tutorial on how to iron patches on HERE❤️