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I am the owner and operator of Peach Beast, my name is Eleanor Hazard (yes that is my real name). 'Lisa Frank for adults' is one way Peach Beast has been described. My honest and unapologetic designs are inspired by childhood nostalgia and punk ideologies I adopted as a teenager. The bright colors of the 90s and Y2K era are paired with designs that carry an attitude of irreverence and dare I say, angst? 


Peach Beast began humbly in 2017. I was screen printing patches in my living room and dyeing clothes in my kitchen. It was very DIY. Through pop up shows, I found a great community of artists, and Peach Beast has eventually grown to what it is today. Peach Beast remains a one woman operation.

I believe in the power of creative self expression. It may sound silly, but what you wear does affect how you feel. Finding a unique piece that speaks to you can really help someone feel confident, self affirmed. I am inspired by many subculture movements that embrace fashion as a form of rebellion: punk, drag, club kids, harajuku fashion etc. I aim to make something truly special. My pieces are all my original designs, products of my own misfit weirdness--and I want to share that with you. 

All of my jewelry is handmade in my studio by me. Each piece is individually hand painted and made with high quality stainless steel. I put a lot of love into every piece, and I hope you can feel that when you wear them. I also translate my original designs onto stickers, pins, tees and totes. A lot of my designs have a message of sarcastic dark humor, drawing on my punk philosophical inspirations. I often use the term 'wearable weirdness' to describe my work. 

While my media and practice continues to evolve, I always focus on telling an honest story, and making people laugh. I like to find the humor in the darkness and heaviness of life. My designs are all made in small batches to keep things fresh. I am constantly doodling in my sketchbook and coming up with new ideas. I hope they make you take life a little less seriously. Follow me on Instagram to see where I’ll be vending next.

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